Monday, September 2, 2013

Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson Nominated For Eviction in Big Brother!

After Aryan was evicted from the house last week, her best friend GinaMarie won the new HoH. Amanda felt pretty comfortable and safe thinking she persuaded GinaMarie to nominate Elissa and Judd. She stated clearly how some of the housemates would get really pissed off if her or Mcrae was nominated and that no one would care if Elissa and Judd left instead. But to her tearful surprise... Finally after 70 days in the Big Brother House, GinaMarie Zimmerman made a controversial, huge game move and nominated the deceptive power couple Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson for eviction!

I can imagine how MOST of the big brother fans are ecstatic about this move! I mean I literally jumped up and down celebrating! Amanda's face when she and her man McCrae were nominated was priceless! Amanda had been to mean and dramatic towards Elissa, one of the big brother house mates. She has made Elissa's life simply unbearable. In my opinion, Amanda ended up being worse that even how Aryan started out. If not there's a high possibility she's bipolar.

Right after the nominations Amanda is convinced GinaMarie is working with Elissa and Judd. She still does not suspect Andy, which is good for his game. She goes about ranting how nothing makes sense and even approaches GM reminding her that it's Elissa who got Nick and Aryan out, and that she should be the one to go home.

It's now all upto whoever wins the power of veto this week, as both Amanda and McCrae put up a fight to stay in the house. There's still the double eviction too! So the two might just end up leaving as a couple. Poor McCrae his "Queen" spoiled his game. Let's wait and see what awaits the next episode of Big Brother! This you would not want to miss!


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